Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas and New Year Mass schedules

Christmas Mass (Day of Obligation)


Dec 24 (Thurs)     6:00pm       Mass in Cantonese/Mandarin

                              8:00pm       Mass in English

                            11:00pm       Mass in Cantonese/English


Dec 25 (Fri)          9:30am        Mass inCantonese/Mandarin

                           11:30am        Mass in English



Mary, the Holy Mother of God (Day of Obligation)


Jan 1, 2016 (Fri)         9:30am           Mass in Cantonese

                                  11:30am           Mass in English

                           5:00pm           Mass in Mandarin






1224(週四)         晚上6:00            (國粵雙語)

                                   晚上8:00            (英語)

                                   晚上 11:00          (英粵雙語)

1225(週五)         早上9:30           (國粵雙語)

早上11:30          (英語)





201611(週五) 早上9:30           (粵語)

                          早上11:30          (英語)

下午5:00            (國語)



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