Monday, 22 December 2014

Christmas and New Year Mass schedules

Christmas Mass (Day of Obligation)


Dec 24 (Wed)         8:00 p.m.      Family Mass      (Trilingual )

                             11:00 p.m.      Christmas Mass (Trilingual)

Dec 25 (Thu)          9:30 a.m.      Mass in Chinese

                             11:30 a.m.      Mass in English


Mary, the Holy Mother of God (Day of Obligation)


Jan 01 (Thu)           9:30a.m.      Mass in Chinese

                             11:30a.m.      Mass in English







1224(週三)     晚上8:00        家庭彌撒(三語) 晚上7:30聖誕佳音

                                晚上11:00      聖誕彌撒(三語) 晚上10:15聖誕佳音


1225(週四)     早上9:30        中文彌撒

                                早上11:30      英文彌撒




101(週四)       早上9:30        中文彌撒

                                早上11:30       英文彌撒