Monday, 21 December 2015

Christmas and New Year Mass schedules

Christmas Mass (Day of Obligation)


Dec 24 (Thurs)     6:00pm       Mass in Cantonese/Mandarin

                              8:00pm       Mass in English

                            11:00pm       Mass in Cantonese/English


Dec 25 (Fri)          9:30am        Mass inCantonese/Mandarin

                           11:30am        Mass in English



Mary, the Holy Mother of God (Day of Obligation)


Jan 1, 2016 (Fri)         9:30am           Mass in Cantonese

                                  11:30am           Mass in English

                           5:00pm           Mass in Mandarin






1224(週四)         晚上6:00            (國粵雙語)

                                   晚上8:00            (英語)

                                   晚上 11:00          (英粵雙語)

1225(週五)         早上9:30           (國粵雙語)

早上11:30          (英語)





201611(週五) 早上9:30           (粵語)

                          早上11:30          (英語)

下午5:00            (國語)



Tuesday, 11 August 2015

2015 Summer Sale 仲夏特賣日

2015 Summer Sale 仲夏特賣日
列治文加拿大殉道聖人天主堂(加殉堂) 將於8月22日(週六) 上午10時至下午3時舉辦 "仲夏特賣日". 免費入場. 歡迎各界來臨選購. 會場有大量時尚女裝, 飾物, 家庭用品, 盆栽, 玩具, 應有盡有…還有美食,足部按摩治療, 趣味照相館.
Canadian Martyrs Catholic Church Summer Sale, on August 22 (Saturday) from 10 am to 3 pm. There will be for sale: new clothing, accessories, jewelleries, household items, toys, plants and more ...   Foot massage therapy and photo booth will be on site. There are also juice bar and food for everyone. Come and join the fun! Free Admission

Wednesday, 25 March 2015

2015年 - 四旬期修和聖事及聖週禮儀




日期 : 327日(週五),330日(週一),331日(週二)

時間 : 晚上7:30-9:00




42(週四) 晚上8:00   主的晚餐 (中/英語)

43(週五) 下午3:00   救主受難紀念(中/英語)

44(週六) 晚上9:00    基督復活主日 夜間禮儀-成人入門聖事(/英語)

45(主日) 早上9:30   基督復活主日 (國/粵語)

 早上11:45  基督復活主日 (英語)


*救主受難日(43/週五)當守大小齋 : 年滿十四箴的教友須守小齋(不能吃熱血肉







Lenten Reconciliation Schedule

Jesus awaits you in the Sacrament of Mercy:

Date : Mar 27 (Fri),  Mar 30 (Mon),  Mar 31 (Tues)

Time : 7:30pm - 9:00pm



Holy Week Liturgy

Apr 2 (Thu)                 Mass of the Lord's Supper

8:00pm            (English & Chinese)


Apr 3 (Fri)                   Good Friday

3:00pm            (English & Chinese)


Apr 4 (Sat)                  Easter Vigil      (with adult baptism)

9:00pm            (English & Chinese)


Apr 5 (Sun)                 Easter Sunday

9:30am            (Chinese Mass)

                                  11:45am            (English Mass)


*Good Friday (Apr 3) Fasting & Abstinence : From Age of 14 are bound to abstain from warm blooded meat.

From those 18 years to the beginning of their 60th year are bound to fast (no warm blooded meat with only one full meal be taken)


*Please note that there will be no morning mass on Apr 2 - 4 or regular Mandarin mass on Apr 4.